Back To School

Back To School

This time of year is always beautiful - summer holidays, school breaks, vacations, sipping on a cocktail by the pool, and time away from everyday routine and chaos.  Although I find it hard to switch off completely, I am enjoying time off with family and friends more than any other summer in the past.

This summer is special, my firstborn graduated from high school in May shifting my focus to taking in every last minute of her fading childhood.  Astin is off on her own journey, and the University of Colorado Boulder will be brighter with her positivity, gentle spirit, and intelligence - the true beauty that radiates from within.

While I am full of excitement and pride for her new chapter in life, I am going to be a mess when I say goodbye to this incredible young lady.  Her everyday calmness is something I admire and am contemplating how to replicate while she is away. 

It appears her journey is prompting one of my own that I am going to simplify into a daily one, two, and three:

  1.  Breath, start each day with calm awareness I can create my tone in a world spinning with tasks and distractions.
  2. Love, set out each day to bring joy from gentle existence and warmth often as simple as sharing a smile.
  3.  Forgive, practice forgiveness throughout the day with oneself which leads to less judgment and forgiveness of others.

Astin’s very nature models three characteristics I know will help me transition back into work and all the exciting projects coming up for Ashley Yeates Interiors and Furniture Collections - I can't wait to share!

So “back to school” for both of us and let’s see where the journey leads, follow me 1,2,3 and on Instagram to see endless opportunities to be the light! 

With Love, 

Ashley Yeates x