Ashley Yeates Collection is one of the few bespoke furniture collections on the market to focus on both sustainable principles and materials. We support American-made products and are proud to create jobs for local tradesmen. All materials are ethically sourced from FSC-certified wood to water-based stains and milk paints to natural fabrics and plant-based foam. Our water-based finishes are low VOC with a protective coating to enrich the beauty of the wood which also meets the strictest of California sustainability restrictions. 

Buy quality, support local 

When you buy quality, sustainable furniture made by skilled local craftsmen using pure ethically sourced materials, it’s not only an investment in your family’s comfort and health, it’s an investment in the environment too. “Fast furniture" mass-marketed, made with poor quality, made with particle board, flame retardants, and more–is becoming a worrisome environmental problem. The mix of materials and chemicals make recycling difficult, so most of it ends up in landfills and takes a toll on our carbon footprint.  Fast facts about “fast furniture" here.