Creative Drive Straight to Down Time, Aloha!

Creative Drive Straight to Down Time, Aloha!

Cover Photo Credit: Dimitry Loiseau

Dress - Jade Allen Boutique 

Photoshoots and designing custom furniture for my luxury and sustainable furniture line, Ashley Yeates Collection, are a part of my inspiration to make positive change in this world. With the exponential growth of the design firm comes endless opportunities to create unique pieces for clientele.  

(Photo Credit: Glen Mcdowell)

Painting by - David Garibaldi 

The Caroline Arm Chair client collaboration, design tweaks along the way, and day-long photoshoots to showcase pieces like it take a lot of creative energy and design revisions leaving me all too aware of the need for rest.

With summer in full swing and the celebration of my 49th birthday, no better time to sign off for a warm beach versus Carmel Beach “cold plunge.” So off to Oahu, Hawaii to visit dear friends and their North Shore project for champagne versus work. 

Swimsuit - Xandra Swimwear (Naya Bouk Top, Aldana Varenna Reversible Bottoms)

Slowing down in a beautiful setting allows me to reconnect with nature, the underlying inspiration for my sustainable collection, and burning fire to create awareness in purchasing decisions.

I am now back in full swing and creating new AY Collection pieces. Take time to rest, reset and think twice before buying fast furniture when buying right can last a lifetime. Your turn for hot pink with a glass of Rose, enjoy!

Written By Ashley Yeates and Astin Lathrop