The Beauty of "Nana"

The Beauty of "Nana"

Sitting on a plane departing from Dallas after two days staying at my grandparents house leaves me inspired to write a special tribute to Roseanne Rogers, “Nana.”

She has always reminded me of Grace Kelly. Although her incredible skin, styled hair and charm seemed to catch everyone’s attention, as a child I was mesmerized by her beautiful homes and smile as we found ways to navigate them as an adventure beyond the walls. 

The perfectly matched tones, patterned fabrics, open floor plans, specialty sinks and decorative wallpapers made the hot wheel indoor tours seem forbiddingly delightful. She had closets of toys and a fold out tunnel that connected me to a great big world needing to be explored...which I am still exploring in vivid color Nana!

My grandfather, Wayne Rogers, “Poppy” also added to the fun with custom pools, outdoor playgrounds, motorcycle rides and endless entertainment.

Walking through their house looking at all the bespoke items collected over time and journeys together, I was touched by Nana’s stories and reminded of how much a home tells our story.

Yet it was at the breakfast table watching my Poppy precisely butter the home-made waffle Nana finally plated for herself but had not touched, the importance of home gained deeper meaning. 

As everyone else was eating, three extra beds were made, clothes washed and folded, and she was busy going up and down the stairs to get my nieces art supplies per their endless requests. Poppy washed dishes and was focused on taking care of her.

As they say home is where the heart is, Nana and Poppy after 70 years of marriage are still showing “heart” in their home while hosting three grandchildren and ten great grandchildren in ultimate style. 

Their love and remarkable energy at ages 91 and 87 are no doubt the beauty inside the walls they have built over the years. 

A few days of time but lifetime reminder, beauty and grace are much deeper than the surface. After all the projects I have transformed over the years, who knew the days spent hanging with my grandparents was training for my future career and passion. 

Thank you both for inspiring me. The Ritz Carlton inspires to create the warmth of Wayside Court...


Written By Ashley Yeates 
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