Infuse Hollywood Glamour Into Your Home

Infuse Hollywood Glamour Into Your Home

Fred Cocktail Bar, designed by Ashley Yeates for The Modern Hepburn Collection
Fred Cocktail Bar, designed by Ashley Yeates for The Modern Hepburn Collection


May I first suggest the Fred Cocktail Bar and a dirty martini, shaken not stirred, in your living room versus the kitchen. This minimalistic bar with subtle fare from the past is the latest addition to The Modern Hepburn Collection, inspired by my grandmother and her love for a glass of champagne in “The Parlor.” Many of my designs are influenced by furniture, jewelry, and clothing saved and worn in memory of my four eccentric grandmothers who had a love for fashion and a deep connection to their homes.

The Cocktail Collection, Star Cut by Richard Brendon


Another way to infuse Hollywood glamour is with vintage or modern bar accessories. Richard Brendon designs amazing crystal glassware that compliments any style. The thin rim feels invisible when taking a sip, enhancing the tasting experience and allowing the focus to be on the all-important cocktail. Cheers to my favorite: slightly dirty, extra cold, jalapeño, and cilantro-infused Grey Goose martini-shaken.

Peck Side Table, designed by Ashley Yeates for the Modern Hepburn Collection


Designing through Covid developed an appreciation for using multiple rooms in my house, as well as having extended time to cook and set the table. Cookbook meals and end-of-the-day cocktails became something to look forward to when stuck at home. The Fred Cocktail Bar, an accent piece for a living room wall and functional liqueur display, along with the Peck Side Table, a flared-legged side table, and the perfect host for a martini, provide an enjoyable reason to return to the often abandoned living room. When not hosting a cocktail, the Peck Side Table is perfectly accessorized with my Grandmother’s golden rooster.

Gable Sofa, designed by Ashley Yeates for The Modern Hepburn Collection


What better way to glamorize your living room sofa than to match your dress with the artwork! Gable Sofa’s subtle arms allow one to twist at the end of the sofa to speak with others sitting in the Bogart Chairs. The chair's swivel mechanism allows one to appreciate all aspects of the room with ease and take in the warmth of an evening fire.

Bogart Swivels, designed by Ashley Yeates for The Modern Hepburn Collection


Furniture is one of the key components for a well designed room, not to undermine layering color, texture and scale. It doesn’t hurt to throw in a pair of Brunello Cucinelli shoes and comfort fashion when admiring the space. Even though Cucinelli wasn’t around to style the original Hollywood scene, nor was I, my affinity for their legacy inspired the Modern Hepburn Collection.

The Rogers Ottoman/Coffee Table, designed by Ashley Yeates for The Modern Hepburn Collection


What better way to end the day than wrapped in luxurious cashmere. Feeling a little sassy, I slide into a pair of glam cowboy boots. Missing my West Texas roots, I have to think my version of nature this day, a well-manicured Hollywood landscape would put a smile on John Wayne’s face while I kick back on my Rogers Coffee Table/Ottoman when paired with a removable leather cushion.

As my grandmothers taught me, buy right, buy once, and always splurge on the classics-sustainable products are hand-made to stand the test of time, and my legacy to the next generation.

Photos: Dimitry Loisesau

Makeup/Hair: Melissa Murphy Bedi

Interior Design: Dennis Rosas Design

Also Special Thanks to Jay Renfroe for the gorgeous setting 

Written by Ashley Yeates