A Re-Introduction

A Re-Introduction

This past year has certainly taken us on a ride! Priorities changed, focuses changed, lifestyles changed, and with change comes growth and opportunity to refresh. 

I have a new logo, website, and layout for Ashley Yeates Design and furniture lines, let me re-introduce you to who I am and the new branding!

My focus as a designer is human connection allowing client’s needs to drive the design of my products.  Each piece is intended to encourage a deep connection between use, functionality, and lasting memories, as well as enhance clients' lifestyles with sustainably tailored quality products. 

My move to Carmel in 2005 deepened a commitment to protect the environment with sustainability becoming a design priority.  I fell in love with the natural beauty of this community and realized my obligation to protect it. 

I want clients to feel like they are contributing to a healthier world when they purchase one of my pieces. I encourage the mindset my grandparents passed on to me, “When you buy right, you only buy once.” My goal for well-made furniture is to buy once, create memories, and pass pieces on to others. Durable and unique pieces stand the test of time. 

My grandmother's carefree spirit and love for fashion continue to inspire me, along with her sound advice and wisdom. Wearing one of her vintage coats reminds me of the sustainable fundamentals she helped instill in me by acquiring quality furniture pieces that outlived her lifetime. 

Feels like a perfect time to celebrate one of Carmel’s most stunning landmarks wearing Marjorie’s fur coat.  May we all kick off the New Year with an appreciation for the past and bright expectations for the future.

Ashley Yeates Collection AY Branding for Sea to Sierra and Modern Hepburn Collection

Written By Ashley Yeates