A Letter From Ashley

A Letter From Ashley

Dear friends,

Looking a few years back, freedom to roam and swing kids in nature in one of my inside green chairs, who knew we would be going into a “Shelter-in-Place Order.”

As we are finding ourselves ordered to stay home, perhaps it’s time to think about not only our health but the atmospheres we create within our homes. The Coronavirus is creating a spiral of concerns that will need a collective effort to clean up and prevent moving forward. With so much negativity streaming from MSM and concerns for the social distance we keep from each other, what may be learned on the backend may give light to a re-direction needed within communities. Human connection, even while quarantined, remains important. How can slowing down take us all further ahead?

Ashley Yeates - Sustainable Furniture

Photographed by Scott Campbell

Fear is prevailed by faith and heightened awareness creates opportunities for improvement. Superficially, our ability to improve the aesthetic of our homes, spaces. Authentically, our ability to improve our mindset and concern for one another, the environment, and the legacies we leave behind. Particularly when being ordered to stay inside our homes, perhaps comfort and aesthetics become more important from the inside looking outside, and to focus on health from a global perspective, our health may inherently affect the health of others.  

Ashley Yeates - World Green Building

I am reminded by the slowed pace and heightened need for prayer, we each play a role in a much larger picture. Perhaps we start with a strong foundation within our home. May you find peace in the space you have created and the opportunity to improve the place we seek refuge.

We would be happy to hear from you and answer any questions or engage via our social channels which can be found on our website. Our team will also be available for custom furniture consultations.

Peace and love,

Ashley Yeates

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