Andrew Stool


The Andrew Stool is part of the Modern Hepburn collection that sets a standard in sophisticated and timeless furniture while remaining practical and functional for everyday modern living.

Inspired by the magic of genuine human connection found with a family heirloom and memories from repeated use, Ashley invites a reminiscing approach to design, pulling elements of style from the past. The original designs evolved from her cherished antiques, one-of-a-kind dresses, and pieces of jewelry handed down by her grandmothers. Classic to edgy reflections combines to define style and future memories.

The Andrew Stool enchants with its graceful curves and modern form. The rich woodgrain with driftwood finish highlights the natural oak texture. Handcrafted, it has a warmth that rounds out the room, and the structured light blue organic sateen fabric offers the perfect plush seat. Tuck the Andrew Stool into any corner to cozy up a space or beneath a console for a dramatic entryway, then introduce it as extra seating when you’re creating memories with family and friends.

Ashley Yeates Collection is one of the few bespoke furniture collections on the market to focus on sustainable principles and materials.

All our furniture is made entirely in the United States with genuine American craftsmanship and Local Tradesmen.

Features - White Oak with a Driftwood Finish.

Dimensions: 22"W X 16"D X 18"H

Materials: White Oak, GOTS certified organic sateen fabric, GOLS certified organic Dunlop natural latex foam, ECO Wool felt & Batting